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Moon's Artifice - advance copy give-away!

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Ok then, Give-away time! Miles ahead of publication too, since the book's out the 21st November in the UK, but I have a spare proof to hand so what the hell, right?
Just tell me why you deserve a proof of Moon's Artifice and it could be yours! Best answer wins & there's no right answer, only wrong ones. Probably very wrong ones... I'll choose a winner over the w/e and DM or whatever for an address.
Sorry though, I think it'll have to be UK only, given postage costs these days!

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On August 26th, 2013 02:14 pm (UTC), Luke Simms commented:
And the winner is........... me!!
Hi Tom, thank you again for the copy!!!!, i know for sure i will be making time to read it whilst bottle feeding!.
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